Staff Pick Sticker/Button Set!

Article number: Combo-StaffPick

20 stickers & buttons for $13!

The value of this pack is $20!

- Animal Rights, Social Justice, Vegan Burritios
- No Happy Cows
- Wings Are For Flying, Not Frying
- The World Used to be Cooler. Go Vegan. Fight Climate Change
- Herbivore Motörhead Koala Portland
- Good Luck Elephant
- Be Kind rectangle
- The World Will Change if We Do
- Compassion Is Invincible arrows
- A Little Veganism Never Hurt Anybody

- Be Kind Cow
- Vegan Future
- I Heart Vegans
- Factory Farms are Mean and Nasty
- Flying Pig
- A Little Veganism Never Hurt Anybody
- Avocado
- Compassion Is Invincible Arrows
- Cranky Vegan Asshole
- Eat Like You Give A Damn

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