The Cow With Ear Tag #1389 by Kathryn Gillespie

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Gillespie writes a powerful novel about the dangers and inhumanity of the dairy industry, and its detrimental affect on ALL lives.

"To translate the journey from a living cow to a glass of milk into tangible terms, Kathryn Gillespie set out to follow the moments in the life cycles of individual animals—animals like the cow with ear tag #1389... Gillespie takes readers to farms, auction yards, slaughterhouses, and even rendering plants to show how living cows become food. The result is an empathetic look at cows and our relationship with them, one that makes both their lives and their suffering real."

A fascinating narrative with a wealth of information on the complexity and terrifying power of dairy. Gillespie's writing will guide you and others to fully understand the cruelty behind dairy and discover ways to change our society for the better. #CompassionIsInvincible

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