The Dirty Vegan Cookbook by Catherine Gill

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"Dirty Vegan is a celebration of all the amazing tastes and dishes available to those who want to eat vegan."

Catherine Gill is a "Dirty Vegan at heart." All the recipes in this delicious vegan cookbook are meant to delight and satisfy your every craving, exploring various flavors and recipes that many would think are impossible to replicate. Her creativity and enthusiasm for foods of all kinds is apparent in the over 100 rich, indulgent recipes that are perfect for beginner vegans, and all vegans who love eating "dirty." Here are some that we are super excited to make:

  • Avocado and "Bacon" Cheesy Cheddar Bread Ring
  • S'mores Pancakes
  • Harvest Apple and Acorn Squash Soup
  • Berry Lemon Crumble Loaf
  • Devilled Tofu Bites

Are ya hungry yet?!

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