The Smart Parent's Guide to Raising Vegan Kids by Eric Lindstrom

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"The Definitive Handbook To Raising Vegan Children You've Always Wished You Had."

For all the vegan parents out there-- this is your ultimate guide! Eric C. Lindstrom, parent of two vegan children, tells real stories, shares challenges, advice, tricks, and provides alternate resources so you may expand your knowledge elsewhere, too. With advice from leading plant-based physicians alongside informative, hilarious anecdotes and personal experience, Lindstrom creates a book that will help you teach your kids about the compassionate world we are trying to create through veganism. Sections include: "Get your kids to eat vegetables (when it's all they eat anyway)", "Teach your children compassion with visits to sanctuaries instead of zoos", "Find tips for travel and road trips with the family." If you're a vegan parent or know someone who is/wants to be, grab this guide!

225 pages. Hardcover.

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