The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester

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  • FINALLY! A VEGAN slow cooker book for any meal!

    This book has everything slow cooker. Seriously! Whether you're looking forward to soups that simmer all day or breakfasts to wake up to in the morning, Kathy Hester's got you covered. Grain & Pasta dishes, party snacks that cook while you do party prep, even BREADS baked in a SLOW COOKER! We are beyond excited. Recipes that will have you shopping for another slow cooker:

    • split pea and apple soup
    • balsamic onion marmalade
    • preserve-the-harvest diced tomatos
    • apple sage sausage
    • fall harvest fruit butter
    • chili-relleno casserole

    ... the list goes on!