The Vegan Stoner Cookbook by Sarah Conrique & Graham I. Haynes

Article code TVSC-Haynes 978-1607744641
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  • Illustrated cookbook of 100 tasty, easy, minimal-ingredient recipes.

    "veg·an ston·er [vee-guhn stoh-ner] -- noun: one who satisfies the munchies with resourceful, creative, instinctive cooking without using animal products."

    Got the munchies? Feeling too lazy to put much effort into cooking? No problem! The Vegan Stoner Cookbook proves that making vegan food doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Everybody can whip up yummy meals and snacks with a few ingredients and minimal time and effort. Inside you will find foolproof recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snackies in between. Examples include: Jam Danishes, Orange French Toast, Cran-Yam Bowl, Portobello Island Burger, Baked Banana Cake, Tempeh Tacos, and Pizza Bread. It's good stuff for hungry bellies! Whimsical illustrations add character to the pages and make it appealing to folks of all ages - even young vegans.