Tiny But Mighty by Hannah Shaw

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  • "Kitten Lady's Guide To Saving The Most Vulnerable Felines."

    Do you love cats and kittens? Are you ready to see the CUTEST book EVER?! Tiny But Mighty is sure to change your life and inspire you to do more for animals everywhere. Hannah Shaw is also known as the Kitten Lady because she's dedicated her life to saving kittens, and is an excellent example that positive animal activism is something we are all capable of. Shaw uses her book to share her many years of hands-on experience taking care of cats at any age. This book has adorable pictures, information on animal welfare, instructional guides, and personal rescue stories. This is the perfect book for animal lovers, cat lovers, cat rescuers, cat foster parents, activists-- basically, anyone who loves animals and wants to save lives!

    Hardcover. 325 pages.