Vegan Strong Zip-Up Hoodie

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  • Herbivore Clothing has teamed up with the Vegan Strong Team to bring you a collection of exclusive tees, tanks, hoodies, and flair that spread the message that you can be kind AND strong. And P.S. Plants Have All The Protein You Need. 

    The Vegan Strong Team is headed up by our great friend Robert Cheeke. He has brought together a team of amazing vegan athletes that prove you can be strong and fit without the need for animal products. The team travels to fitness expos all over the USA providing education and resources to help people take the leap into veganism.


    - Beyond Meat FREE ITEM coupon x 2 / $20
    - Vegan Rob's Snax / $2 (flavor varies)
    - Orgain Protein Powder Packets / 3 @ $3 value per packet = $9
    - IsoPure Plant Based Vanilla Protein Powder / 3 @ $2.50 per packet = $7.50
    - Follow Your Heart $1 off coupon / $1
    - Daiya Foods $1 off coupon / $1
    - Ultima Replenisher Electrolytes x 2 / $4
    - Vegan Strong Team Resource and Recipe Guide
    - Plants Have All The Protein You Need Sticker
    - Vegan Strong Button
    - Herbivore Clothing Sticker/Button pack / $10 value (selection may be different than pictured)
    $54.50 Value!!!

    ***All Vegan Strong Merchandise is EXCLUDED from store discounts and sales!***

    International orders will not receive coupons, as they are not valid outside the USA.
    We will make up for it with extra protein powder & swag!

    Unisex Zip-up Hoodie 
    52% Cotton, 48% Polyester
    Ami (pink hair) wears extra small, Jason wears Large